Chapter 4 – Storage

Author: Brent Ozar

This chapter covers the types of storage, storage performance testing, and configuring Windows & SQL Server 2008 for storage.


Figure 4-6 should only have five data drives in the RAID 5 array, and one parity drive. Brian Kelley (Blog@KBrianKelley) found this.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Storage

  1. on page 104, why a 10-terabyte RAID 10 configuration will outperform a 10-terabyte RAID 5 configuration?

    10TB RAID 10 configuration has only 5 TB usable capacity, while 10TB RAID 5 configuration has 9TB usable capacity.

  2. Great question. If you read the full sentence, I note that I’m talking about arrays with a 10-terabyte usable capacity. A 10TB array of RAID 10 will cost more than the same usable capacity of RAID 5, but it will perform better because there’s more drives involved (among other things).