Chapter 11 – SQLDiag and PerfStats

Author: Justin Langford

This chapter covers data collection, SQLDiag, and the PerfStats script.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – SQLDiag and PerfStats

  1. Do PerfStats and SQLDiag run under SQL S2008 R2 RTM?

    I had no problem running PerfStats,SQLDiag and SQL Nexus
    under SQL 2008 SP2 but when I try running

    StartSQLDiagTrace2008.cmd with SQLDiagPerfStats_Trace2008.XML
    under SQL S2008 R2 RTM

    I get

    2011/03/29 13:24:35.69 SQLDIAG There are no instances of version 10 on this computer

    2011/03/29 13:24:35.69 SQLDIAG . Function result: 87. Message: The parameter is incorrect.

    Is this a known problem?


  2. Hi Mladen
    this was frustrating me for a while too. I chopped everything out of the .XML file until I found out you have to change ssver from 10 to 10.5 (2008R2 is version 10.5)