Featured in the PASS Connector Newsletter

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Featured Book in the PASS Connector

Featured Book in the PASS Connector

The nice folks at the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) featured our book in the monthly PASS Connector email newsletter sent out to all their members.  If you’d like to stay up to date on SQL Server news, you can join PASS for free.

We also picked up another 5-star review on Amazon from Michael Thomas, who wrote:

“I recommend this book to everyone. I tell people it just came out, and they look curious because mine’s getting worn. The info is clear and concise, and doesn’t ramble, so I like it.

A funny example happened running a small VM with SQL Server. It was hanging infrequently and crashing because of RAM memory issues and disk swaps. I had imported the OS into VMware workstation on my laptop, but it had PAE enabled. Disabling PAE, going from 8 to 4KB pages, saved the VM 200MB total RAM utilization. After checking/setting other SQL Server memory settings, and monitoring counters, the system is stable. The memory chapter helped me do all the right things.”

Thanks, Michael, and thanks PASS.  We appreciate your support.

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